J Edison Build – Custom PCs


Computers are everywhere.  Most people have come into contact with computers either in their personal life or their profession.  As more data becomes digital, computers are also playing an increasingly vital role in storage and data access.  To help keep our clients up and running we offer a full service computer department.

Hardware Repair/Replace, Data Recovery, Routine Maintenance, Media Integration, Mac Identity Migration, PC File Migration, Thermal Management, File Conversions and Backups, Stock Trading Setups, Custom Builds, Gaming Rigs, Virus Removal, Hardware Upgrades, Diagnosis, Redundant Arrays, Parental Control Features

All of the listed services are available for both Apple and Microsoft computers.


Desk & Laptops

Large computer retailers make money by standardizing their designs and selling the same computer over and over. As a J Edison customer, you receive a computer that was built and configured specifically for you.

Custom Built Computers

Building computers affords us the latest components and interconnects available, our customers benefit by receiving “up to the minute” technology. All J Edison PC’s are quality solutions, built to accommodate future upgrades, easily and efficiently.

Unique Design Applications

J Edison PC provides ergonomic workstations that are as quiet as they are fast. Our clients may choose from miniature, built-in, in-wall or completely hidden PC models.


Have the ability to view more information on two, three or four monitors! J Edison PC supplies quality display devices, the right software and unique monitor mounting solutions.

Networked Servers

J Edison builds secure, virtual and dedicated servers for the custom home or the business professional. We have the experience and products to maintain compatibility and performance. J Edison gets the job done right the first time, on time and on budget.

Expert Providers

J Edison experts specify the right equipment and services, whether you have a system in mind, or need a one built to suit, we are here to fulfill your requirements.

Networks & Servers

J Edison designs your servers and compatible network to work together. Work more securely from anywhere, sharing files, printers and your Internet connection.

Adding Devices

Rely on your professional when adding any special devices, or clients to your computer network. Our licensed techs select the peripherals and execute each step of your changes without affecting the integrity of your data.

Tablet PC’s & Touchpanels

J Edison customizes and configures to meet each client’s specific requirements. Only the highest quality components and the latest innovations are used to combine tasks and system functions into one interface device.

Tablet PC’s

This new technology design is the cutting-edge in mobile computing. J Edison offers a variety of high-end performance features and the power to provide the functionality you demand.

Tailoring your Computer

Considering your requirements, and the latest in component technology, we deliver unique high quality solutions. Affordability doesn’t compare to the value and performance of a J Edison computer solution.

Touchpanel Televisions

Instead of a separate in-wall touchpanel built into the wall, control your systems right from a touchpanel TV. Available in screen sizes from 15” to 42” these high quality televisions display the internet, your home system control or the game in HDTV.