J Edison Build – Fabrication

Equipment Enclosures

Our metalworkers build and assemble equipment enclosures to protect and conceal electronics and computers. J Edison provides the benefit of hiding electronics, as not to detract from the interior design. Relocate all of your technologies with a proper, thermally protected installation.

Concealed Components

The trend today is to conceal components and electronics whenever possible. Its then that heat becomes a problem. With today’s electronics, it’s getting harder to solve and even harder to ignore.

Thermal Solutions

J Edison can provide meaningful solutions to this problem using the theory and practice of electronics, computers and thermodynamics.


Now that your components are in the proper enclosure, finish the design properly by adding battery backup, surge protection and power conditioning to protect your investment.


Ever notice how many motorized features are available in your car? The J Edison Group brings this awesome technology into the home. Select from the widest variety of applications available and contract J Edison to integrate these features professionally.


Maintenance-free motors with unique gearing mechanisms are fabricated into a welded-steel design. Accurate, smooth and quiet automation hides and reveals various elements inside walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.

Motorization Types

J Edison uses only the finest mechanical lift systems available. Motorized lifts may hide, reveal, and automate a wide variety of products. Used commonly for luxury residential, corporate environments, yachts and private aircrafts, your options available today are limited only by the imagination.

Motorization Options

Lifts conceal and reveal flat panel televisions, projection systems, computers, safes, and wall panels. Other innovations include automatic 360 degree swivel options, ceiling-flip downs, counter flip ups, smart waiters, shades, drapes, screens, windows, furniture and more.

Engraving and Metals

J Edison provides engraving for various signage’s and wall switches adding a more professional look and simplifying even the most basic of systems. We also will fabricate and assemble room components using all types of metals for many different built-in applications. These details, often overlooked, make a dramatic difference in our level of finish.


Engrave your standard dimming switches or our multi-button control stations. Choose from many custom faceplates and finishes to get exactly what you want. Engraving is a luxurious addition to your home or business that simplifies functionality and adds a touch of class.

Control Stations

J Edison adds beauty, simplicity and elegance to your home or office. Merge multiple light functions into one. Create other buttons that perform other redundant tasks such as “All Off” or “Exterior Lights”.


We utilize our welders and fabricators in many room designs and motorization projects to custom fabricate accents or assist in integrating hidden motors and mounting systems.