J Edison Build – Professional PCs

Audio Production

J Edison not only provides systems that reproduce your favorite music and movies, we also design and install the systems required to create it.  From project studios for the home to upscale recording facilities, J Edison helps with design, then provides the components and installation for a turnkey solution.

Recording Technology

The first affordable, high quality recording studios came into being during the late 1980s, with the advent of lower priced multi-track recorders, synthesizers and microphones.  The phenomenon has flourished with falling prices of MIDI equipment and accessories, as well as inexpensive digital hard-disk recording products.

Project Studios

A small, personal recording studio is sometimes called a project studio.  Such studios often cater to the specific needs of an artist, or are utilized to develop children’s knowledge and creativity.

Recording Professionals

J Edison accommodates even the most demanding Recording Industry Professionals.  Designing ideal spaces provides the proper equipment and installing the infrastructure to make it all work.

Video Production

J Edison builds photography studios and video production suites for the student, hobbyist or the serious industry professional.  Our turnkey solutions include the design, electronics, computers, installation and calibration required to achieve a professional result.

Photo Studios

A quality desktop photo studio will capture, manipulate, and reproduce images that rival your professional photo studios today.  If you are a industry professional, or a part time enthusiast, rely on The J Edison Group as a complete source for your studio design, photography equipment, software, computers and ongoing support.

Video Editing Suites

State of the Art editing no longer requires multiple components and routing.  If you are an independent, or part of a major network, J Edison will aces your needs and help with facility design, equipment selection, installation and programming.

Screening Rooms

A pro’s version of the “Home Theater” the J Edison screening rooms are designed from top to bottom.  Room design and reference grade A/V equipment will reproduce your creations with astounding accuracy.  J Edison will take care of all your “behind the scene” technology, while you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Digital Art Studios

In-home art studios stimulate creativity and provide a great educational tool for your children.  In a business setting companies utilize this tool for in-house marketing.  The marketing industry also uses J Edison to provide complete solutions their professional graphic artists.

Digital Art

The digital revolution brought about by the technological advances of computers has made digital art possible.  The possibilities are endless because they are proportional to the artist’s imagination and creativity.

Calibrated Mediums

Our techs calibrate your equipment and software to manage color output for an expert result every time.  After image capture and manipulation the digital output can be applied to paper, canvas, vinyl, metal and wood producing your final desired result.

Art Studio Designs

J Edison understands the requirement of digital artists in many forums.  Let us recommend equipment to meet your budget, build your computer, and then calibrate your printers and cameras to produce accurate high quality creations.