J Edison Design – Convenience

Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most powerful methods Interior Designers use to accent architecture and change moods in a room. Advanced features manage energy consumption. Conserve energy 24 hours a day and create the desired ambience for any occasion.


Give your home extra curb appeal by highlighting its exteriors. With a lighting system special scenes are selected with the touch of a button. J Edison’s complete lighting designs may include lighting types, fixtures, placement and control. Manage lighting by the time of day, special events or occasional occurrences.


Savings can be realized by controlling the amount wattage used by light bulbs. Installing a lighting system throughout your home, conserves electricity, saves on energy costs and extends the life of light bulbs too. This can be especially important when considering the inaccessibility of many lighting fixtures in both interior and exterior areas.

Estimated Savings

Twenty percent of all electricity produced in the United States is used for lighting. Inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers waste an estimated fifty percent of this energy. With the steady rise in energy costs, most homeowners would agree that it’s fiscally savvy and environmentally responsible to control usage.

Voice and Intercom

Crystal clear conversations and simple room to room communication begins with a innovative design by The J Edison Group. With the correct cabling and unique equipment we provide a solution that utilizes the telephones in your home.

Built-in Intercom

Gain the benefit of room to room communication, and experience better voice intelligibility, without plastic in-wall intercom stations.

Front Door Option

Replace your door bell with a call button that rings your phones when a visitor has arrived. Talk to them or even let them in from anywhere in your home.

Cables and Connections

J Edison uses communication cables and receptacles that meet the highest industry standards. Our attention to detail and expert installation offers performance and compatibility with today’s technologies.

Integrated Control

Combining home systems and electronics into one simple solution, provides conformed, intuitive control of your entire home. Consistent access to your home systems and electronics is the ultimate luxury.

Design Benefits

Our solutions may be woven beautifully into any décor and our designs promise less built-in switches, with a greater degree of functionality. Eliminate plastic wall plates and replace them will a variety of options like; Slate, Leather, Wood, Steel, Marble, Glass and More.

Luxury and Savings

We empower our clients with technology. J Edison streamlines and simplifies all of your home systems offering a lifestyle of comfort, convenience and conservation.

Enhanced Control

Many systems are combined and preprogrammed including: Audio, Video, Computers, Lighting, Security, Thermostats, Sensing Devices, Cameras, Fireplaces, Fans, Door Locks, Irrigation, Motors, Gates, Windows and Window Treatments…..Whoa!