J Edison Design – Entertainment

Music Systems

Listen to quality music throughout your home with built-in speakers that blend into your décor. Upgradable designs prepare for the future, accommodating any technology that might come along. Each area of the home reproduces the desired music individually or together.

Multi-room Audio

One button plays music throughout the home. Enjoy jazz in the den or your weather forecast in the kitchen, while others listen to their favorites, all from one hidden system.

New Technologies

Some of the more recent additions include digital satellite radio, the I-pod and other media management systems. Today’s “J Edison Solution” will enhance organization and simplify access to any song or movie in your collection.

Unique Products

Listen to underwater speakers while swimming in the pool or try to find our invisible speakers in the living room. Our comprehensive products and designs will meet your objectives aesthetically and functionally.

Theaters Rooms

Experience movies the way the director has originally intended. Enjoy a front row seat at the Stones concert, the latest major film release or play video games in grand style. A dedicated home theater, designed properly, exceeds the quality you’ll find at your favorite Cineplex.

Today’s Options

Now, an integral part of residential entertainment, the theater offers more than just movies. Simulators, gaming consoles, computers and media management systems have expanded the use of this ever popular room so the entire family can participate.

Recording and Film Industries

The J Edison Group offers “Reference Quality” screening rooms for the Recording and Film Industry. If you are a movie or music enthusiast you owe it to yourself to hear and see exactly what the movie director and sound engineers experienced when they created it.

Family Room Theaters

Incorporating a quality solution into a normal Family Room, without disrupting the decor and architecture, is a trick. J Edison provides unobtrusive solutions that will integrate into your home design, while maintaining the level of performance our systems are known for.

HDTV & Displays

High Definition Television (HDTV) is the new digital standard for enhanced picture quality. Contact J Edison before you purchase televisions and components. We provide high quality equipment at a fair price and the expertise to send signals through-out your home.

HDTV Compatibility

Distributing HD throughout your home many times will require special wiring or additional equipment. To understand the entire picture, consult The J Edison Group and discover the best solution for you.

Aspect Ratios

The standard televisions use a 4:3 aspect ratio. (4:3 refers to the width of the screen compared to its height). The 16:9 aspect ratio is a common widescreen format for home theater and widescreen televisions. The 2.35:1 Cinema Scope format is used in most Cineplex’s and Screening Rooms today.

HDTV Formats

For the strongest theatrical impact, choose a wide-screen format. These displays cost more than standard models for the same amount of screen real estate, but they’re great if you watch a lot of DVDs or HDTV.