J Edison Design – Productivity


J Edison provides complete business services for your electronics and computers. Once we understand your parameters we provide straight ahead solutions that will increase sales, improve service and breed productivity.

Workstation Planning

Our office planning services include special equipment, furniture, and cable management. Our goal is to increase productivity, improve functionality and minimize cable clutter. The packaging and integration of your computer with other related products and services is J Edison’s complete solution.

Website Design

J Edison writes code for basic HTML sites or the latest flash technology. Our web designers, graphic artists, copy writers, photographers, and soundtrack professionals provide turn-key quality web-site solutions.

Home Office Professional

Many of us have unique occupations that require enhanced computing and processing. A complete solution today requires much more than just a computer purchase. Our experts listen to you and then develop and install the system that meets your requirements.


J Edison will design a creative space for the Industry Professional or to spawn creativity and educate your children. J Edison designs photography studios, video production suites, and recording studios. Choose from a variety of applications including our value engineered systems for the home.

Room Designer

Each creative space is designed by an industry professional with a deep understanding of the individual medium. Our designers create the finest solutions for each of their respective arts.

Project Studios

The benefit of education and creativity is realized through J Edison’s affordable recording or video production studios. After our systems are designed and installed, experts provide orientation and a series of trainings to bring you up to speed quickly.

Photography Studios

Take digital photos to the next level with professional software and output devices. A great hobby and an ongoing learning experience for the entire family.

Unique Applications

Realistic entertainment systems designed and built with rock solid components to ensure consistent performance and functionality. Life size Sports Simulators, Wine Collection Management Systems and Gaming PC’s use the latest in technology for pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

Sports Simulators

Perfect your golf game year-round, regardless of the weather. J Edison installs the only professional-grade, high-definition, multi-sport simulator in the luxury market. This unique technology system vividly simulates the central actions of golf, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey.

Wine Management

Catalog each bottle of wine by Country, Region, Variety, Winery and Vintage. Bar coded labels use special adhesive eliminating residue when removed. Know exactly what you have and where it’s located at any time. Wave bottles under the Scanner to remove or return to inventory automatically.


Designed and built by J Edison “Gaming Enthusiasts”, taking pride in assembling systems that outperform those found at the big box retailers. Choose from the latest quad-core or dual CPU, with SLI multi GPU graphics output, liquid cooling and custom interconnects; or an optimized single CPU budget system. J Edison experts will deliver a solution your sure be happy with.