J Edison Design – Safety

Secure and Sur-veil

Designing a protection solution to secure our loved ones isn’t an off the shelf proposition. With years of experience, a variety of security panels and a comprehensive arsenal of sensing devices, J Edison will provide additions to your system that will exceed today’s industry standards.

Perimeter Protection

The most important aspect of security is your perimeter protection, the first line of defense. This blanket coverage method utilizes magnetic contacts that reliably sense doors and windows opening and closing.

Secondary Protection

The second line of defense includes interior detectors like motion sensing and pressure pads. These devices are also used to signal other events to happen automatically in the home.


View visitors at the front door from any television or display in the home. Add additional cameras to keep track of loved ones, or your property while you’re away. With remote access services view these cameras from anywhere via your laptop computer.

Activity and Health

J Edison’s monitoring systems are unique in that they are designed for the specific needs of our clients. The ability to keep track of our aging loved ones, will allow them to live in their own homes longer, without comprising safety.

Sound Monitoring

Whole house sound monitoring and communication can save a life. In conjunction with security pendants you may have two way emergency communications no matter where they are in the home.

Activity Monitoring

This cutting edge technology will aide in any type of emergency. Activity reporting provides loved ones with early warning signs, tracking eating habits, medication times etc.

Security Pendants

Miniature communication pendants can be worn around the neck or wrist. In the event of an emergency, family members are contacted and emergency personnel is dispatched.


Stay comfortable while conserving energy with a J Edison design. Monitoring key weather elements can optimize water usage, in-ground and in-floor heating, lighting, electricity and more.

HVAC and Climate Control

Keep your home comfortable at all times, monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. Built-in sensors adjust various heating zones to save energy and maintain constant temperature.

Weather Stations

Sensors automatically open and close storm shutters, protecting against high winds. For air quality and dust control, signals are sent to windows and fresh air intakes programmed to open and close. Automated window coverings conserve energy, control temperature and manage UV levels.


By knowing vital weather statistics real time, our control system can react correctly, activating the irrigation systems and/or HVAC only when needed. This unique method of water management and heating control can conserve 30 to 50 percent of your energy and water usage.