J Edison Online – Monitoring

Burglary & Emergencies

24 hours a day 7 days a week professionals will monitor your home or business. J Edison offers “State of the Art” protection as the result of our elevated designs and competent monitoring professionals.

Perimeter Monitoring

Protect your home and its contents with the most reliable monitoring protection available. With instant access to emergency agencies, J Edison security systems provide peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

Manual Medical Alerts

With the touch of a button a medical emergency signal is sent. Monitoring personnel alert professionals which are then immediately dispatched.

Monitored Fire Sensing

Ever home is required to have smoke detectors which are provided by the electrician. Designed to get you out of the home, if your there, they don’t notify Fire and Medical Personnel. Add monitored smoke detection on each floor of your home for added protection and peace of mind.

Environmental Sensing

Monitoring the elements adds another dimension of safety. Prevent damage from Dangerous Gases, Humidity and Moisture. Online dispatch personnel will monitor each device for instant preventative action, should a problem occur.

Harmful Gases

Add these detection sensors to our perimeter protection systems to enhance safety. Carbon Monoxide, Propane and Radon sensors alert the occupants and the data monitoring center 24 hours a day.

Temperature and Moisture

Automatically activate driveway and sidewalk heaters for safety or average room temperatures triggering automatic adjustments. Water your lawn only when justified by the soil conditions to conserve water usage.

Control Integration

Combined with our control system these sensing devices can automatically trigger other devices to correct problems proactively. Activate de-humidifiers, fresh air venting, even window covers, automatically.

Advanced Health

Using unique sensors and monitoring innovations we create a safer and healthy environment for you and your family. Prolong the time your aging parents can spend in their own home or add a greater level of security for your children.

Personal Monitoring

With our tiny wireless pendants worn around the neck you may instantly alert burglary, fire, or medical personnel. In seconds the proper authorities will be informed and dispatched.

Advanced Communication

Easily keep track of your aging parents from where ever you are. If a problem does occur, have direct communication with them, no matter where they are.

Activity Monitoring

Programming that senses variances in predictable events, and then report’s conclusions based on the series and times events occur. Monitoring reports may be sent via e-mail updating you with critical information like: “Didn’t take medication yesterday” or “Only ate breakfast” Etc.