J Edison Online – Security

Off-site Control

J Edison can set up your home to be controlled and monitored remotely. During a business trip, vacation or a normal day at the office, you can log on and water the lawn, view the interiors and exteriors of the home, adjust temperature and more.

Camera Access

Simply select your home icon on your PC to view and adjust cameras from a secure encrypted internet connection. Even have a video conference with one or more people while you’re on the run.

System Control

Control your home systems effortlessly. Turn on or off lighting, arm and disarm security or monitor and adjust temperature remotely saving time and energy.

Feature Added Technologies

The J Edison Group combines together many technologies and services to bring your safety and convenience to a new high and your energy costs to a new low.

Data Backup

An essential part of your computers’ integrity is an automatic data backup system. J Edison may provide one of a number of solutions. Backup your data at home, the office or at an offsite data storage facility.

Automatic Data Backup

This application copies a backup of your data files to another directory, disk or computer across the network. Once we set up this feature you will always have a backup of your data somewhere else.

Off Site Data Backup

Using a broadband connection such as DSL or a T1 line, we perform a full backup of all files on your protected server. From then on it will backup data at scheduled times without affecting the performance of your network.

Data Storage

Data is transmitted to two redundant data centers, In addition, all data is encrypted before it leaves your server and remains encrypted in the vault. Only the encryption key password that you control can unlock the data.

Internet Security

J Edison provides many security options; Internet usage reporting, anti-virus programs, firewalls and wireless security all protect your data integrity. Proper installation that includes battery backup, surge and power conditioning is another essential safeguard.

Internet Tracking

Monitor all your computers and document online activity of downloaded files, sites visited and even keystrokes. Discover new ways to save time, and improve work efficiency.

Security Software

J Edison provides and installs the latest in technology to discourage outside access and internal usage harmful to your system.

Battery Backup and Power Conditioning

Back-up power supplies protect your hard work from the constant threat of power outages and lost data. Safeguard your equipment from damaging spikes and reduce work interruptions with a power conditioning unit and battery backup system.