J Edison Onsite – Commercial Projects

Office Build-outs

The J Edison organization offers a complete technology solution that will simplify your building process, ensure compatibility and save your company time. Our professional staff will take care of security, media presentation, computing, wireless services, wired networks, Internet etc.

System Types

J Edison supplies the electronics and computers you are looking for. Our single source philosophy offers our clients a greater degree of expertise, less confusion and minimal downtime.


Contact us early on to discuss available technologies. J Edison will identify the products and services that meet your needs. We provide designs for each of your technology applications, and a comprehensive integration plan to optimize your investment.

Turnkey Solutions

As your project progresses we will provide cabling, interconnects and receptacles that reflect your design. After construction we will install and program your systems to get you up and running quickly.

Production Areas

Understanding all the technologies necessary to achieve highly productive environments allows us to approach your project with an elevated understanding of the total picture. Our diverse expertise will help you increase productivity and produce results, Guaranteed.

Ergonomic Planning

J Edison uses “State of the Art” assessment tools to evaluate your current working conditions. After a series of mathematical calculations we tailor a plan that specifies where each workstation component needs to be in relationship to your correct seated position.

Mounting & Furniture

With a variety of unique mounting solutions and furniture J Edison can achieve the correct positioning of each component to provide a healthier, more productive work area solution.

Video Conferencing

In conjunction with a high-bandwidth connection, videoconferencing is available in a single workstation setting or on multiple displays in a large production area.

Business Updates

The J Edison Group provides easier, more productive ways of conducting business with technology. No matter what the task, J Edison is here to answer the call. Our diverse staff has the expertise you require the latest in products and support plans to meet your future needs.


Working in conjunction with our design and online teams, J Edison Onsite delivers solutions that make sense. Ensuring compatibility by providing new technology that integrates with your existing equipment and services.

Other Updates

Contact our online representatives to expand file storage, add e-mail and Internet tracking, save money on voice lines, improve Internet access, or take advantage of our complete web-site design services.

Hardware Installation

J Edison provides installations to enhance your graphics system, expanding memory and display capability. Add additional hard drives to increase your onboard data storage.