J Edison Onsite – Infrastructure

Media Delivery

A critical part of any technology solution are the systems that delivery your services. With an ever changing and expanding list of providers available today, it only makes sense to use J Edison for all of your installations and activations. We save time and frustration solving issues like compatibility and performance.

One Source

After our analysis, we perform activations and/or recommend providers that offer performance and compatibility. Realize reductions in telephone and data line charges and experience high speed, local and long distance access.

Networking & “The Internet”

We solve the multi-tiered internet access problem by providing you with a complete Internet solution. A J Edison professional will set up your e-mail accounts, domain names, IP addresses and more. Using J Edison as one resource, you will realize a higher level of compatibility and performance.

Digital Satellite

Satellite delivery systems offer more HD channels and commercial free music. Experience the highest quality images and sound available through an in-home delivery system.

Wiring Networks

Every J Edison technology system is built on a series of wired and wireless networks. To increase reliability each network is designed and installed to operate individually, yet are designed with compatibility and integration in mind.

Network Types

Our complete solutions utilize some or all of our networks and may include: Telephone, HD Television, Security, Audio, Video, Intercoms and a variety of control wires and sensors.


Organizing and distributing technologies throughout your home or office with consistency and compatibility is our primary goal. The J Edison solution will prove to reduce confusion and provide our clients with a clear upgrade path.

Wireless or Wired

Inexpensive wireless solutions can’t solve all the problems associated with the lack of proper infrastructure as they commonly experience problems with security, dependability, and interference. J Edison utilizes the strengths of both wired and wireless concepts, without the drawbacks of their weaknesses.


Although J Edison may offer products at price levels equal to mass market retails our clients are also introduced to higher levels of quality in component manufacturing and reliability. Experience the value of a higher performance solution with the quality standards of a J Edison Group system.


J Edison is a reseller of major name brands. Behind each product we offer is a considerable amount of thought and research. If a product is recommended by The J Edison Group, it is because it is a part of a viable, quality solution.


J Edison is a reseller of major name brands and also offers custom build services for PC’s and Network Servers. This allows J Edison to accommodate our customers that want affordability and our more demanding clients that require the best.


Designing and fabricating furniture and components makes the difference in the ability to offer the finest technology solutions. Built for performance and installed with a higher level of finish, every J Edison solution is an honest reflection of our passion.