J Edison Onsite – Support Techs

System Installation

When you invest in J Edison’s expertise, you will enjoy our friendly and talented technical staff. Everyone at J Edison loves what we do and we make it our job to be responsive and well informed.

Professional Wiring

If you value quality work, and want a meticulous contractor, that can wire the impossible, J Edison can accommodate you. Our wiring expertise allows us to run cabling inside your walls not under carpet and behind trim.

System Types

Audio Systems & Home Theaters, Computers & Internet Services, Lighting & Control Systems, HDTV & Digital Voice, Security & Cameras, Media Delivery & Storage, HVAC & Irrigation Control, Battery & Digital Backups

Expert Integration

Comprehending multiple systems, and developing an understanding of how best to integrate them together, is J Edison Integration. We offer this benefit only as a result of our creativity and years of experience.

System Integration

J Edison Group technicians will install your new technologies and integrate them with your existing equipment. To complete your solution we help select compatible products, proper cabling and provide an intuitive control interface.

Integration Expertise

The J Edison integrator is an expert in a multitude of electronics. With the experience to consider the compatibility of each device and component, the integrator can quickly identify problems and provide solutions.

One Resource

Onsite technicians will identify all the services available in your area. We take into consideration your specific equipment to recommend the correct service providers and plans. And then include the correct wire types and locations to accommodate your unique circumstances.

Integrated Control

The ultimate in functionality, aesthetics, and energy conservation a J Edison control system is a fantastic solution. Consistent access to all your electronics, with controls designed into the décor of your home, is as beautiful as it is functional.

Onsite Support

The J Edison Group provides sensible plans to increase productivity, saving you time and money. Onsite personnel will perform proactive maintenance and are available for service, upon your request.

Choose Expertise

J Edison offers various grades of support to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our customers may select the level of support, response time, and technical expertise they are comfortable with.

Concierge Coverage

A J Edison Concierge Plan includes repair and/or replacement of the failed component. In addition, all expenses related to the delivery, installation and reprogramming are fully covered.

Proactive Support

J Edison will tailor a plan to benefit you. If you need us once a year or once a week, we will be there to smooth out your upgrade transitions and keep you running. Friendly technicians with knowledge in electronics and computers will provide resolutions to your technology issues.