About Us


Every solution we create is derived from an elevated degree of common sense and experience. Our designs are functionally appropriate, technically sound and unobtrusive.

Design and Selection Process

If you prefer a quick consultation or a more detailed approach, our design team can accommodate you.  Our personal shoppers ensure the products you purchase are the latest in technology at a fair price.


To organize or structure formal elements: An edifice, or a machine to be executed or constructed.


Learn more about the J Edison Design team.

  • Design Consultants- The system designer will brief our clients on up to the minute technology, while discovering the exact nature of their requirements.  The designer is also responsible for the translation of these requirements in to a detailed specification that our clients will easily understand.  Overseeing each project personally, they also provide important documentation and updates to the project coordinator.


  • Project Coordinators- Our project coordinators insure that the proper personnel and services are assigned to a particular project.  They also track progress as it relates to our clients’ timelines and provide documentation to each member associated with the project.  This detail-oriented expert is an essential part of The J Edison Groups’ high level of service and fulfillment.


  • System Architects- The system architect has the task of putting together the framework of our projects.  Using your specifications gathered by the design consultant, the system architect will focus on performance, functionality and compatibility. This professional has a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of technologies and understands how they relate to each other.


  • Graphic Artists- J Edison technicians perform difficult computer generated designs, illustrations and other skilled and technical work in the preparation of material for touchpanels, website designs, Internet media and our digital renderings.  Our artists also create printed or digital art and photo collections catering to the clients themes, colors and styles.


  • Video Production- This professional designs video editing suites, digital photography studios, pre or post-production facilities and reference screening rooms.  Other services include complete film production.  J Edison experts have a vast knowledge of lighting, cameras, and editing combined with the skill and creativity to provide broadcast quality results.


  • Audio Production- J Edison creates room and system design for project studios, live reinforcement systems and reference quality recording facilities.  If you have a one time need, commission our recording engineers, musicians and producers to complete your creation.  Also available for indoor or outdoor events are the industries finest concert systems, stage gear, sound engineers and crew.