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J Edison Design – ENTERTAINMENT –

Music Systems

Listen to quality music throughout your home with built-in speakers that blend into your decor.  Upgradable designs prepare for the future, accommodating any technology that might come along.  Each area of the home reproduces the desired music individually or together.

Multi-room Audio

One button plays music throughout the home.  Enjoy jazz in the den or your weather forecast in the kitchen, while others listen to their favorites, all from one hidden system.

New Technologies

Some of the more recent additions include digital satellite radio, the I-pod and other media management systems.  Today’s “J Edison Solution” will enhance organization and simplify access to any song or movie in your collection.

Unique Products

Listen to underwater speakers while swimming in the pool or try to find our invisible speakers in the living room.  Our comprehensive products and designs will meet your objectives aesthetically and functionally.

Theaters Rooms

Experience movies the way the director has originally intended.  Enjoy a front row seat at the Stones concert, the latest major film release or play video games in grand style.  A dedicated home theater, designed properly, exceeds the quality you’ll find at your favorite Cineplex.

Today’s Options

Now, an integral part of residential entertainment, the theater offers more than just movies.  Simulators, gaming consoles, computers and media management systems have expanded the use of this ever popular room so the entire family can participate.

Recording and Film Industries

The J Edison Group offers “Reference Quality” screening rooms for the Recording and Film Industry.  If you are a movie or music enthusiast you owe it to yourself to hear and see exactly what the movie director and sound engineers experienced when they created it.

Family Room Theaters

Incorporating a quality solution into a normal Family Room, without disrupting the decor and architecture, is a trick.  J Edison provides unobtrusive solutions that will integrate into your home design, while maintaining the level of performance our systems are known for.

HDTV & Displays

High Definition Television (HDTV) is the new digital standard for enhanced picture quality.  Contact J Edison before you purchase televisions and components.  We provide high quality equipment at a fair price and the expertise to send signals throughout your home.

HDTV Compatibility

Distributing HD throughout your home will often require special wiring or additional equipment.  To understand the entire picture, consult The J Edison Group and discover the best solution for you.

Aspect Ratios

The standard television used a 4:3 aspect ratio.  (4:3 refers to the width of the screen compared to its height)  The 16:9 aspect ratio is a common widescreen format for home theaters and current widescreen televisions.  The 2.35:1 Cinema Scope format is used in most Cineplex’s and Screening Rooms today.


J Edison Design – CONVENIENCE –

Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most powerful methods Interior Designers use to accent architecture and change moods in a room.  Advanced features manage energy consumption.  Conserve energy 24 hours a day and create the desired ambiance for any occasion.


Give your home extra curb appeal by highlighting its exteriors.  With a lighting system special scenes are selected with the touch of a button.  J Edison’s complete lighting designs may include lighting types, fixtures, placement and control.  Manage lighting by the time of day,special events or occasional occurrences.


Savings can be realized by controlling the amount wattage used by light bulbs. Installing a lighting system throughout your home, conserves electricity, saves on energy costs and extends the life of light bulbs too.  This can be especially important when considering the inaccessibility of many lighting fixtures in both interior and exterior areas.

Estimated Savings

Twenty percent of all electricity produced in the United States is used for lighting.  Inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers waste an estimated fifty percent of this energy.  With the steady rise in energy costs, most homeowners would agree that it’s fiscally savvy and environmentally responsible to control usage.

Voice and Intercom

Crystal clear conversations and simple room to room communication begins with an innovative design by The J Edison Group.  With the correct cabling and unique equipment we provide a solution that utilizes the telephones in your home.

Built-in Intercom

Gain the benefit of room to room communication, and experience better voice intelligibility, without plastic in-wall intercom stations.

Front Door Option

Replace your door bell with a call button that rings your phones when a visitor has arrived.  Talk to them or even let them in from anywhere in your home.

Cables and Connections

J Edison uses communication cables and receptacles that meet the highest industry standards.  Our attention to detail and expert installation offers performance and compatibility with today’s technologies.

Integrated Control

Combining home systems and electronics into one simple solution, provides conformed, intuitive control of your entire home.  Consistent access to your home systems and electronics is the ultimate luxury.

Design Benefits

Our solutions may be woven beautifully into any decor and our designs promise less built-in switches, with a greater degree of functionality.  Eliminate plastic wall plates and replace them will a variety of options like; Slate, Leather, Wood, Steel, Marble, Glass and More.

Luxury and Savings

We empower our clients with technology.  J Edison streamlines and simplifies all of your home systems offering a lifestyle of comfort, convenience and conservation.

Enhanced Control

Many systems are combined and preprogrammed including: Audio, Video, Computers, Lighting, Security, Thermostats, Sensing Devices, Cameras, Fireplaces, Fans, Door Locks, Irrigation, Motors, Gates, Windows and Window Treatments…..Whoa!


J Edison Design – SAFETY –

Security and Surveillance

Designing a protection solution to secure our loved ones isn’t an off the shelf proposition.  With years of experience, a variety of security panels and a comprehensive arsenal of sensing devices.  J Edison will provide additions to your system that will exceed today’s industry standards.

Perimeter Protection

The most important aspect of security is your perimeter protection.  It’s the first line of defense. This blanket coverage method utilizes magnetic contacts that reliably sense doors and windows opening and closing.

Secondary Protection

The second line of defense includes interior detectors like motion sensing and pressure pads.  These devices are also used to signal other events to happen automatically in the home.


View visitors at the front door from any television or display in the home.  Add additional cameras to keep track of loved ones, or your property while you’re away.  With remote access services view these cameras from anywhere via your laptop computer.

Activity and Health

J Edison’s monitoring systems are unique in that they are designed for the specific needs of our clients.  The ability to keep track of our aging loved ones, will allow them to live in their own homes longer, without comprising safety.

Sound Monitoring

Whole house sound monitoring and communication can save a life. In conjunction with security pendants you may have two way emergency communications no matter where they are in the home.

Activity Monitoring

This cutting edge technology will aide in any type of emergency.  Activity reporting provides loved ones with early warning signs, tracking eating habits, medication times etc.

Security Pendants

Miniature communication pendants can be worn around the neck or wrist.  In the event of an emergency, family members are contacted and emergency personnel is dispatched.


Stay comfortable while conserving energy with a J Edison design.  Monitoring key weather elements can optimize water usage, in-ground and in-floor heating, lighting, electricity and more.

HVAC and Climate Control

Keep your home comfortable at all times, monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically.  Built-in sensors adjust various heating zones to save energy and maintain constant temperature.

Weather Stations

Sensors automatically open and close storm shutters, protecting against high winds.  For air quality and dust control, signals are sent to windows and fresh air intakes programmed to open and close.  Automated window coverings conserve energy, control temperature and manage UV levels.


By knowing vital weather statistics real time, our control system can react correctly, activating the irrigation systems and/or HVAC only when needed.  This unique method of water management and heating control can conserve 30 to 50 percent of your energy and water usage.


J Edison Design – PRODUCTIVITY –


J Edison provides complete business services for your electronics and computers. Once we understand your parameters we provide straight ahead solutions that will increase sales, improve service and breed productivity.

Workstation Planning

Our office planning services include special equipment, furniture, and cable management.  Our goal is to increase productivity, improve functionality and minimize cable clutter.  The packaging and integration of your computer with other related products and services is J Edison’s complete solution.

Website Design

Our web designers, graphic artists, copy writers, photographers, and soundtrack professionals provide turn-key quality web-site solutions.

Home Office Professional

Many of us have unique occupations that require enhanced computing and processing.  A complete solution today requires much more than just a computer purchase.  Our experts listen to you and then develop and install the system that meets your requirements.


J Edison will design a creative space for the Industry Professional or to spawn creativity and educate your children.  J Edison designs photography studios, video production suites, and recording studios.  Choose from a variety of applications including our value engineered systems for the home.

Room Designer

Each creative space is designed by an industry professional with a deep understanding of the individual medium.  Our designers create the finest solutions for each of their respective arts.

Project Studios

The benefit of education and creativity is realized through J Edison’s affordable recording or video production studios.  After our systems are designed and installed, experts provide orientation and a series of trainings to bring you up to speed quickly.

Photography Studios

Take digital photos to the next level with professional software and output devices.  A great hobby and an ongoing learning experience for the entire family.

Unique Applications

Realistic entertainment systems designed and built with rock solid components to ensure consistent performance and functionality.  Life size Sports Simulators, Wine Collection Management Systems and Gaming PC’s use the latest in technology for pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

Sports Simulators

Perfect your golf game year-round, regardless of the weather.  J Edison installs the only professional-grade, high-definition, multi-sport simulator in the luxury market.  This unique technology system vividly simulates the central actions of golf, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey.

Wine Management

Catalog each bottle of wine by Country, Region, Variety, Winery and Vintage.  Bar coded labels use special adhesive eliminating residue when removed.  Know exactly what you have and where it’s located at any time. Wave bottles under the Scanner to remove or return to inventory automatically.


Designed and built by J Edison “Gaming Enthusiasts”, taking pride in assembling systems that outperform those found at the big box retailers.  Choose from the latest multi-core or multiple CPU’s, with multi GPU graphics output, liquid cooling and custom interconnects; or an optimized single CPU budget system.  J Edison experts will deliver a solution your sure be happy with.


J Edison Build – ROOM DESIGN –

Room Acoustics

Blending the science of acoustics, aesthetics and technology is an art that transforms any room into an experience.  We engineer spaces to optimize home theaters, media rooms, listening rooms, and recording suites.  Enlist our expertise in acoustical, structural and mechanical design.

Acoustic Benefit

Even if you spend many thousands of dollars on the most accurate equipment, the frequency response you actually realize in an untreated room is likely to vary by 30 dB or even more.  Proper acoustic treatments can totally change a muddy sounding room into one that sounds clear and tight.

One Resource

Every dedicated music and theater enthusiast wants a space to feel the music and sound.  J Edison will design, build and assemble a variety of sound treatments solutions that will provide a greater degree of accuracy and impact.

Room Integration

Other custom components, fabrics and materials are used to fuse our acoustic features into your space seamlessly, providing a solution that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Noise Cancellation

There are several basic approaches to reducing sound in a home or business setting.  Soundproofing is any means of reducing the intensity of sound with respect to a specified source and receptor.  Damping is the process by which sonic vibrations are converted into heat over time and distance.


Noise reduction simply blocks the passage of sound waves through the use of distance and intervening objects in the sound path.  Other solutions include damping structures such as sound baffles, or active anti-noise sound generators.


Noise absorption involves suppressing echoes, reverberation, resonance and reflection.  The damping characteristic of the materials it is made out of is important.


J Edison also uses structural remedies to isolate sound from one area to another.  Floating walls, solid doors, double sheetrock and non-parallel glass are used to maintain music and performance integrity.

Acoustic Treatments

Designing and installing the correct room components for each application is as important as the equipment itself.  A room’s wall and ceiling treatments are critical in a recording studio or sound stage.  This technology also provides a huge improvement to residential home theater rooms and project studios.

Room Treatments

Perhaps one of the most overlooked solutions to acoustical problems is a professional design and installation of acoustic room treatments.  We can help by analyzing your current set up, providing designs, building components and installing them into your room.

Balanced Design

The right balance between absorption and diffusion is essential to getting the most from your system.  No two rooms behave exactly the same, so we perform a case by case analysis based on several factors, such as room shape, size, flooring, walls, etc.

Component Types

Acoustical panels, foams, barrier materials, isolators and diffusers are just a few of the products we provide to help challenging acoustical spaces sound sensational!  Please contact us if you need help in creating an acoustically sound room.


J Edison Build – FABRICATION –

Equipment Enclosures

Our metalworkers build and assemble equipment enclosures to protect and conceal electronics and computers.  J Edison provides the benefit of hiding electronics, as not to detract from the interior design.  Relocate all of your technologies with a proper, thermally protected installation.

Concealed Components

The trend today is to conceal components and electronics whenever possible.  It’s then that heat becomes a problem.  With today’s electronics, it’s getting harder to solve and even harder to ignore.

Thermal Solutions

J Edison can provide meaningful solutions to this problem using the theory and practice of electronics, computers and thermodynamics.


Now that your components are in the proper enclosure, finish the design properly by adding battery backup, surge protection and power conditioning to protect your investment.


Ever notice how many motorized features are available in your car?  The J Edison Group brings this awesome technology into the home.  Select from the widest variety of applications available and contract J Edison to integrate these features professionally.


Maintenance-free motors with unique gearing mechanisms are fabricated into a welded-steel design.  Accurate, smooth and quiet automation hides and reveals various elements inside walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.

Motorization Types

J Edison uses only the finest mechanical lift systems available.  Motorized lifts may hide, reveal, and automate a wide variety of products.  Used commonly for luxury residential, corporate environments, yachts and private aircrafts, your options available today are limited only by the imagination.

Motorization Options

Lifts conceal and reveal flat panel televisions, projection systems, computers, safes, and wall panels.  Other innovations include automatic 360 degree swivel options, ceiling-flip downs, counter flip ups, smart waiters, shades, drapes, screens, windows, furniture and more.

Engraving and Metals

J Edison provides engraving for various signage’s and wall switches adding a more professional look and simplifying even the most basic of systems.  We also will fabricate and assemble room components using all types of metals for many different built-in applications.  These details, often overlooked, make a dramatic difference in our level of finish.


Engrave your standard dimming switches or our multi-button control stations.  Choose from many custom faceplates and finishes to get exactly what you want.  Engraving is a luxurious addition to your home or business that simplifies functionality and adds a touch of class.

Control Stations

J Edison adds beauty, simplicity and elegance to your home or office.  We can merge multiple light functions into one or create other buttons that perform other redundant tasks such as “All Off” or “Exterior Lights”.


We utilize our welders and fabricators in many room designs and motorization projects to custom fabricate accents or assist in integrating hidden motors and mounting systems.


J Edison Build – CUSTOM PC’s –

Desk & Laptops

Large computer retailers make money by standardizing their designs and selling the same computer over and over.  As a J Edison customer, you receive a computer that was built and configured specifically for you.

Custom Built Computers

Building computers affords us the latest components and interconnects available, our customers benefit by receiving “up to the minute” technology.  All J Edison PC’s are quality solutions, built to accommodate future upgrades, easily and efficiently.

Unique Design Applications

J Edison PC provides ergonomic workstations that are as quiet as they are fast.  Our clients may choose from miniature, built-in, in-wall or completely hidden PC models.


Have the ability to view more information on two, three or four monitors!  J Edison PC supplies quality display devices, the right software and unique monitor mounting solutions.

Networked Servers

J Edison builds secure, virtual and dedicated servers for the custom home or the business professional.  We have the experience and products to maintain compatibility and performance.  J Edison gets the job done right the first time, on time and on budget.

Expert Providers

J Edison experts specify the right equipment and services, whether you have a system in mind, or need a one built to suit, we are here to fulfill your requirements.

Networks & Servers

J Edison designs your servers and compatible network to work together.  Work more securely from anywhere, sharing files, printers and your Internet connection.

Adding Devices

Rely on your professional when adding any special devices, or clients to your computer network.  Our licensed techs select the peripherals and execute each step of your changes without affecting the integrity of your data.

Tablet PC’s & Touchpanels

J Edison customizes and configures to meet each client’s specific requirements.  Only the highest quality components and the latest innovations are used to combine tasks and system functions into one interface device.

Tablet PC’s

This new technology design is the cutting-edge in mobile computing.  J Edison offers a variety of high-end performance features and the power to provide the functionality you demand.

Tailoring your Computer

Considering your requirements, and the latest in component technology, we deliver unique high quality solutions.  Affordability doesn’t compare to the value and performance of a J Edison computer solution.

Touchpanel Televisions

Instead of a separate in-wall touchpanel built into the wall, control your systems right from a touchpanel TV.  Available in screen sizes from 15” to 42” these high quality televisions display the internet, your home system control or the game in HDTV.


J Edison Build – PROFESSIONAL PC’s –

Audio Production

J Edison not only provides systems that reproduce your favorite music and movies, we also design and install the systems required to create it.  From project studios for the home to upscale recording facilities, J Edison helps with design, then provides the components and installation for a turnkey solution.

Recording Technology

The first affordable, high quality recording studios came into being during the late 1980s, with the advent of lower priced multi-track recorders, synthesizers and microphones.  The phenomenon has flourished with falling prices of MIDI equipment and accessories, as well as inexpensive digital hard-disk recording products.

Project Studios

A small, personal recording studio is sometimes called a project studio.  Such studios often cater to the specific needs of an artist, or are utilized to develop children’s knowledge and creativity.

Recording Professionals

J Edison accommodates even the most demanding Recording Industry Professionals.  Designing ideal spaces provides the proper equipment and installing the infrastructure to make it all work.

Video Production

J Edison builds photography studios and video production suites for the student, hobbyist or the serious industry professional.  Our turnkey solutions include the design, electronics, computers, installation and calibration required to achieve a professional result.

Photo Studios

A quality desktop photo studio will capture, manipulate, and reproduce images that rival your professional photo studios today.  If you are a industry professional, or a part time enthusiast, rely on The J Edison Group as a complete source for your studio design, photography equipment, software, computers and ongoing support.

Video Editing Suites

State of the Art editing no longer requires multiple components and routing.  If you are an independent, or part of a major network, J Edison will aces your needs and help with facility design, equipment selection, installation and programming.

Screening Rooms

A pro’s version of the “Home Theater” the J Edison screening rooms are designed from top to bottom.  Room design and reference grade A/V equipment will reproduce your creations with astounding accuracy.  J Edison will take care of all your “behind the scene” technology, while you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Digital Art Studios

In-home art studios stimulate creativity and provide a great educational tool for your children.  In a business setting companies utilize this tool for in-house marketing.  The marketing industry also uses J Edison to provide complete solutions their professional graphic artists.

Digital Art

The digital revolution brought about by the technological advances of computers has made digital art possible.  The possibilities are endless because they are proportional to the artist’s imagination and creativity.

Calibrated Mediums

Our techs calibrate your equipment and software to manage color output for an expert result every time.  After image capture and manipulation the digital output can be applied to paper, canvas, vinyl, metal and wood producing your final desired result.

Art Studios Designs

J Edison understands the requirement of digital artists in many forums.  Let us recommend equipment to meet your budget, build your computer, and then calibrate your printers and cameras to produce accurate high quality creations.



Custom Homes

Have your all your electronics, computers and home systems designed by a J Edison and experience the difference.  One resource for today’s technologies will simplify the selection process and ensure compatibility.

One Source

J Edison offers a complete pallet of electronics and computers providing one resource for your home and business technologies.  Rely on our years of experience to create sensible designs that reflect your lifestyle, and are compatible with the other systems you use every day.


In contrast to the eclectic look of today’s multi-colored switches, panels and thermostats, a complete J Edison solution has a conformed look and provides enhanced functionality.  Choose from the largest variety of control options available.


Knowledge of the construction process allows us to stay out of the way when we should.  Our responsiveness ensures that our craftsman will be there when needed.  Each stage of your project is executed with precision and on time, Guaranteed.


J Edison professionals wire and install technology solutions while preserving the integrity of your home.  Our non-evasive installation techniques make it possible.  J Edison will run the proper wire and cabling throughout your home, while saving you time repairing and repainting sheetrock.

Price Ranges

If you need a system value engineered, or you want the best available, J Edison experts will answer the call.  Select the experience level that meets your needs, our onsite personnel are on call for all of our professional installations.

Renovation Wiring

No matter what type of renovation your planning it’s always a good idea to incorporate cabling and infrastructure needed for current and future technologies.  J Edison runs wires through walls without disturbing the structural integrity of your home.

Complete Solutions

J Edison will design your system professionally and our installations are always of the high quality.  Sensible maintenance and support plans will simplify upgrades, service calls and any other needs you may encounter.

Home Updates

Take the opportunity to have all your electronics and computers installed properly.  Our superior craftsman will wire internally in your walls not on the outside of your home or under your carpet.  After the proper connections are made we configure your systems to simplify everyday operation and maximize performance.

Beyond; “Deliver & Setup”

Incorporate our standards for technology into your home and realize a better “return on investment”.  The correct use of technology can create great conveniences, increase productivity and conserve energy.

Responsive Expertise

Are you are in the middle of a project or planning one for the future?  Our responsive personnel will be onsite to make sure your technology needs are met, on time.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Our experts add enhancements to your computer that perform everyday tasks or specialized functions.  J Edison technicians will help select software, install programs and calibrate your system to perform at its best.



Office Build-outs

The J Edison organization offers a complete technology solution that will simplify your building process, ensure compatibility and save your company time.  Our professional staff will take care of security, media presentation, computing, wireless services, wired networks, Internet etc.

System Types

J Edison supplies the electronics and computers you are looking for.  Our single source philosophy offers our clients a greater degree of expertise, less confusion and minimal downtime.


Contact us early on to discuss available technologies.  J Edison will identify the products and services that meet your needs.  We provide designs for each of your technology applications, and a comprehensive integration plan to optimize your investment.

Turnkey Solutions

As your project progresses we will provide cabling, interconnects and receptacles that reflect your design.  After construction we will install and program your systems to get you up and running quickly.

Production Areas

Understanding all the technologies necessary to achieve highly productive environments allows us to approach your project with an elevated understanding of the total picture.  Our diverse expertise will help you increase productivity and produce results, guaranteed.

Ergonomic Planning

J Edison uses “State of the Art” assessment tools to evaluate your current working conditions.  After a series of mathematical calculations we tailor a plan that specifies where each workstation component needs to be in relationship to your correct seated position.

Mounting & Furniture

With a variety of unique mounting solutions and furniture J Edison can achieve the correct positioning of each component to provide a healthier, more productive work area solution.

Video Conferencing

In conjunction with a high-bandwidth connection, videoconferencing is available in a single workstation setting or on multiple displays in a large production area.

Business Updates

The J Edison Group provides easier, more productive ways of conducting business with technology. No matter what the task, J Edison is here to answer the call. Our diverse staff has the expertise you require the latest in products and support plans to meet your future needs.


Working in conjunction with our design and online teams, J Edison Onsite delivers solutions that make sense. Ensuring compatibility by providing new technology that integrates with your existing equipment and services.

Other Updates

Contact our online representatives to expand file storage, add e-mail and Internet tracking, save money on voice lines, improve Internet access, or take advantage of our complete web-site design services.

Hardware Installation

J Edison provides installations to enhance your graphics system, expanding memory and display capability. Add additional hard drives to increase your onboard data storage.


J Edison Onsite – INFRASTRUCTURE –

Media Delivery

A critical part of any technology solution are the systems that delivery your services. With an ever changing and expanding list of providers available today, it only makes sense to use J Edison for all of your installations and activations. We save time and frustration solving issues like compatibility and performance.

One Source

After our analysis, we perform activations and/or recommend providers that offer performance and compatibility. Realize reductions in telephone and data line charges and experience high speed, local and long distance access.

Networking & “The Internet”

We solve the multi-tiered internet access problem by providing you with a complete Internet solution. A J Edison professional will set up your e-mail accounts, domain names, IP addresses and more. Using J Edison as one resource, you will realize a higher level of compatibility and performance.

Digital Satellite

Satellite delivery systems offer more HD channels and commercial free music. Experience the highest quality images and sound available through an in-home delivery system.

Wiring Networks

Every J Edison technology system is built on a series of wired and wireless networks. To increase reliability each network is designed and installed to operate individually, yet are designed with compatibility and integration in mind.

Network Types

Our complete solutions utilize some or all of our networks and may include: Telephone, HD Television, Security, Audio, Video, Intercoms and a variety of control wires and sensors.


Organizing and distributing technologies throughout your home or office with consistency and compatibility is our primary goal. The J Edison solution will prove to reduce confusion and provide our clients with a clear upgrade path.

Wireless or Wired

Inexpensive wireless solutions can’t solve all the problems associated with the lack of proper infrastructure as they commonly experience problems with security, dependability, and interference. J Edison utilizes the strengths of both wired and wireless concepts, without the drawbacks of their weaknesses.


Although J Edison may offer products at price levels equal to mass market retails our clients are also introduced to higher levels of quality in component manufacturing and reliability. Experience the value of a higher performance solution with the quality standards of a J Edison Group system.


J Edison is a reseller of major name brands. Behind each product we offer is a considerable amount of thought and research. If a product is recommended by The J Edison Group, it is because it is a part of a viable, quality solution.


J Edison is a reseller of major name brands and also offers custom build services for PC’s and Network Servers. This allows J Edison to accommodate our customers that want affordability and our more demanding clients that require the best.


Designing and fabricating furniture and components makes the difference in the ability to offer the finest technology solutions. Built for performance and installed with a higher level of finish, every J Edison solution is an honest reflection of our passion.


J Edison Onsite – SUPPORT TECHS –

System Installation

When you invest in J Edison’s expertise, you will enjoy our friendly and talented technical staff. Everyone at J Edison loves what we do and we make it our job to be responsive and well informed.

Professional Wiring

If you value quality work, and want a meticulous contractor, that can wire the impossible, J Edison can accommodate you. Our wiring expertise allows us to run cabling inside your walls not under carpet and behind trim.

System Types

Audio Systems & Home Theaters, Computers & Internet Services, Lighting & Control Systems, HDTV & Digital Voice, Security & Cameras, Media Delivery & Storage, HVAC & Irrigation Control, Battery & Digital Backups

Expert Integration

Comprehending multiple systems, and developing an understanding of how best to integrate them together, is J Edison Integration. We offer this benefit only as a result of our creativity and years of experience.

System Integration

J Edison Group technicians will install your new technologies and integrate them with your existing equipment. To complete your solution we help select compatible products, proper cabling and provide an intuitive control interface.

Integration Expertise

The J Edison integrator is an expert in a multitude of electronics. With the experience to consider the compatibility of each device and component, the integrator can quickly identify problems and provide solutions.

One Resource

Onsite technicians will identify all the services available in your area. We take into consideration your specific equipment to recommend the correct service providers and plans. And then include the correct wire types and locations to accommodate your unique circumstances.

Integrated Control

The ultimate in functionality, aesthetics, and energy conservation a J Edison control system is a fantastic solution. Consistent access to all your electronics, with controls designed into the décor of your home, is as beautiful as it is functional.

Onsite Support

The J Edison Group provides sensible plans to increase productivity, saving you time and money. Onsite personnel will perform proactive maintenance and are available for service, upon your request.

Choose Expertise

J Edison offers various grades of support to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our customers may select the level of support, response time, and technical expertise they are comfortable with.

Concierge Coverage

A J Edison Concierge Plan includes repair and/or replacement of the failed component. In addition, all expenses related to the delivery, installation and reprogramming are fully covered.

Proactive Support

J Edison will tailor a plan to benefit you. If you need us once a year or once a week, we will be there to smooth out your upgrade transitions and keep you running. Friendly technicians with knowledge in electronics and computers will provide resolutions to your technology issues.


J Edison Online – MONITORING –

Burglary & Emergencies

24 hours a day 7 days a week professionals will monitor your home or business. J Edison offers “State of the Art” protection as the result of our elevated designs and competent monitoring professionals.

Perimeter Monitoring

Protect your home and its contents with the most reliable monitoring protection available. With instant access to emergency agencies, J Edison security systems provide peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

Manual Medical Alerts

With the touch of a button a medical emergency signal is sent. Monitoring personnel alert professionals which are then immediately dispatched.

Monitored Fire Sensing

Ever home is required to have smoke detectors which are provided by the electrician. Designed to get you out of the home, if your there, they don’t notify Fire and Medical Personnel. Add monitored smoke detection on each floor of your home for added protection and peace of mind.

Environmental Sensing

Monitoring the elements adds another dimension of safety. Prevent damage from Dangerous Gases, Humidity and Moisture. Online dispatch personnel will monitor each device for instant preventative action, should a problem occur.

Harmful Gases

Add these detection sensors to our perimeter protection systems to enhance safety. Carbon Monoxide, Propane and Radon sensors alert the occupants and the data monitoring center 24 hours a day.

Temperature and Moisture

Automatically activate driveway and sidewalk heaters for safety or average room temperatures triggering automatic adjustments. Water your lawn only when justified by the soil conditions to conserve water usage.

Control Integration

Combined with our control system these sensing devices can automatically trigger other devices to correct problems proactively. Activate de-humidifiers, fresh air venting, even window covers, automatically.

Advanced Health

Using unique sensors and monitoring innovations we create a safer and healthy environment for you and your family. Prolong the time your aging parents can spend in their own home or add a greater level of security for your children.

Personal Monitoring

With our tiny wireless pendants worn around the neck you may instantly alert burglary, fire, or medical personnel. In seconds the proper authorities will be informed and dispatched.

Advanced Communication

Easily keep track of your aging parents from where ever you are. If a problem does occur, have direct communication with them, no matter where they are.

Activity Monitoring

Programming that senses variances in predictable events, and then report’s conclusions based on the series and times events occur. Monitoring reports may be sent via e-mail updating you with critical information like: “Didn’t take medication yesterday” or “Only ate breakfast” Etc.


J Edison Online – SECURITY –

Off-site Control

J Edison can set up your home to be controlled and monitored remotely. During a business trip, vacation or a normal day at the office, you can log on and water the lawn, view the interiors and exteriors of the home, adjust temperature and more.

Camera Access

Simply select your home icon on your PC to view and adjust cameras from a secure encrypted internet connection. Even have a video conference with one or more people while you’re on the run.

System Control

Control your home systems effortlessly. Turn on or off lighting, arm and disarm security or monitor and adjust temperature remotely saving time and energy.

Feature Added Technologies

The J Edison Group combines together many technologies and services to bring your safety and convenience to a new high and your energy costs to a new low.

Data Backup

An essential part of your computers’ integrity is an automatic data backup system. J Edison may provide one of a number of solutions. Backup your data at home, the office or at an offsite data storage facility.

Automatic Data Backup

This application copies a backup of your data files to another directory, disk or computer across the network. Once we set up this feature you will always have a backup of your data somewhere else.

Off Site Data Backup

Using a broadband connection such as DSL or a T1 line, we perform a full backup of all files on your protected server. From then on it will backup data at scheduled times without affecting the performance of your network.

Data Storage

Data is transmitted to two redundant data centers, In addition, all data is encrypted before it leaves your server and remains encrypted in the vault. Only the encryption key password that you control can unlock the data.

Internet Security

J Edison provides many security options; Internet usage reporting, anti-virus programs, firewalls and wireless security all protect your data integrity. Proper installation that includes battery backup, surge and power conditioning is another essential safeguard.

Internet Tracking

Monitor all your computers and document online activity of downloaded files, sites visited and even keystrokes. Discover new ways to save time, and improve work efficiency.

Security Software

J Edison provides and installs the latest in technology to discourage outside access and internal usage harmful to your system.

Battery Backup and Power Conditioning

Back-up power supplies protect your hard work from the constant threat of power outages and lost data. Safeguard your equipment from damaging spikes and reduce work interruptions with a power conditioning unit and battery backup system.


J Edison Online – COMMUNICATIONS –

Internet Services

J Edison will add services to your computers that are compatible with the outside world. Eliminate the confusion of multiple vendors, let J Edison help configure and design all your website and Internet technologies.

Site Design & Hosting

J Edison will create and host your website. Host servers are all located in the United States and for pennies a day, we provide access and ongoing maintenance.

E-mail & Domain Names

“Easy to Remember” domain names and addresses are as important as your business name itself. Call us to find out what’s available. Our on-line services allow you to register, renew and monitor this important marketing tool, 24 hours a day.

Digital Voice

IP data networks today provide advantages on the Internet or an organization’s internal network. One of the primary attractions of Digital Voice is its ability to help companies reduce expenses. Cost savings hold true even for today’s technology home owner.

GPS Services

GPS tracking options are perfect for the company with a fleet of vehicles. GPS will assist you with customer billing, employee payroll and scheduling coordination. Track one vehicle or the entire fleet online and increase productivity.

GPS Integration

Our Onsite technicians ensure that the various components of your mobile data system, the in-vehicle hardware, middleware, network, and host software talk to one another and work together. The J Edison Group works together to offer you a compatible performance based solution.

Mobile Computing

J Edison and our software partners develop each aspect of your mobile application. After we consult you, software is customized to fulfill your specific requirements. Once we install the vehicle interface properly you are ready to take full advantage of the mobile computer’s capability.

System Applications

Many industries benefit from GPS and mobile computing a few examples include: Fixed Route Transit, EMS, Fire, Police, Emergency Road Service, Field and Service Technicians, Taxi Services, Construction, Waste Management, Roadways & Public Works Personnel.

Wireless Services

Purchase your cellular and wireless devices from J Edison and enjoy the benefit of our expertise in optimizing your services and functionality. Our integrated systems utilize your wireless services to simplify and centralize many activities you perform every day.

Mobile Networks

Empower your office and field personnel, with the freedom to access critical information and applications simultaneously. J Edison offers compatible solutions that will control costs, increase productivity and save time.

Equipment Selection

When you purchase telephones and wireless devices from J Edison you are assured of the latest in technology. Our experts also recommend compatible systems that will add unique conveniences and features.


Add features and programming to your wireless devices to execute a number of tasks. Read your emails, make phone calls, turn lights on or arm your security system all with your PDA or Tablet PC.


J Edison Online – REMOTE SUPPORT –

Setup and Upgrades

Online services provide countless advantages for our clients. Save time and money by using this alternative to onsite visits for many applications. Take advantage of free telephone and remote services with a J Edison Support Plan.

Remote Support

Once we setup and activate your secure remote link, our online support staff is always available to perform security measures, upgrades and optimization to sustain your systems’ performance.

Support Plans

Choose from a variety of services that are performed exclusively online or a more comprehensive solution that includes onsite support as well. Plans start as low as $49.00 annually.

Telephone Support

Our telephone support gives you access to our skilled and experienced representatives from 9am – 6pm Monday thru Friday. All telephone support is included as part of any J Edison Plan.

PC Optimization

Computers require regular maintenance to run smoothly and to remain in good working order. Routine updates will be performed by J Edison experts to keep your system up to speed and guard against security threats.


Maximize your computer and let us tailor it to your needs, removing all unnecessary programs and data. If required J Edison may also perform more advanced proceeds to reorganize and clean up your data.

Viruses & Spyware

Prevent catastrophic failures and prevent unauthorized access to your computer. J Edison will configure security and privacy software to block viruses, spyware and other unauthorized access methods.

Data Monitoring

J Edison will monitor your system for the use of illegal file sharing programs and may provide you with a variety of historical reports that will keep you informed and protect against harmful access and usage.

Online Support

We implement the most appropriate technology solution efficiently and effectively. Our staff resolves issues remotely within minutes rather than hours, over a secure encrypted internet connection.

Support Plans

J Edison offers proactive support of your computers and networks. Technicians perform regular maintenance to manage unwanted files, run optimization, install upgrades and add services.

Project Tracking and Changes

Track the progress of your project online with J Edison support. Even execute a change order or reschedule a project timeline efficiently.

Support Strategy

It’s important for everyone to develop and maintain a support Strategy. Contact us to schedule an assessment. We will help prioritize your goals, and recommend a plan that meets your needs.